Middle Sweden Section in Orebro (÷rebro)

Associationís of Latvians in Sweden (ZLA) Middle Sweden Section in Orebro was founded on April 13, 2014. Its founders were 19 Latvians living in Sweden central region.

The home place of the Section is Orebro town; however the Sectionís work unites also Latvians living in Arvika, Karlskoga, Vintrosa, Vesterosa, Kumla, Orebro, Motala and other places in Sweden central region and all people, who have interest about Latvia, Latvian language, traditions, Latvian education and culture.

The Board consisting of 6 people leads the ZLA Middle Sweden Section in Orebro. The Chairwoman of the Board is KristÓne Bodniece.

ZLA Chairwoman of the Board KristÓne Bodniece
E-mail: kristine.bodniece@inbox.lv
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