Year’s 2014 Word, Unword and Winged Saying have been announced

On February 2, 2015 in the Riga Latvian Society Club Hall were announced the results of the inquiry that was organized at the end of the year 2014 “Year’s Word, Unword and Winged Saying”.

Word of 2014 is “ausîði” – children and adult ear warmers in autumns and springs. Year’s Unword is “aplikâcija” that is a borrowing from English language word “application”. The correct use of this name would be “programma”, “lietotne”. In its turn the Winged Saying of the year 2014 is a phrase of Inguna Sudraba “No, it’s not me” together with Artuss Kaimiòð’ “Do you know, who I am?” that is like a continuation of the theme “Who am I?” from ex-president’s Valdis Zatlers’ communication in mass media in 2010.

For the nomination “Year’s 2014 Word” were suggested also such words as “sirdsprojekts”, “aprisinâjums, “lamu pirksts”, “labs i`!”, “derîgot”, “plastalas”.  For the year’s Unword the jury noted also such words as “women meat-jelly”, “black ice”, “pigmy undersized hedgehog”, “as a result of which”, “standing performance”, “comingout”.

The RLS Latvian Language Advancement group (LVAK) has been organising such inquiry for already 12 years in cooperation with Latvian Writers’ Union and Latvian Academy of Science Terminology Commission. This year also the Riga Latvian Society handed its special prize – reproduction of J. Rozentâls’ fresco “Science” on the canvas – for the most Latvian year’s Word or Unword. The variants considered and evaluated the RLS Board, not influenced by the main jury. The gift was handed to the Valmiera citizen Uìis Adata during the press conference for the handed in saying and at the same time also the thought of 2014 “How much is it in Lats?” The RLS special gift handed its Chairman Guntis Gailîtis.

This year the sent variants evaluated Juris Baldunèiks - professor of Ventspils University College,  Juris Borzovs - LU Professor, dean of Computer science faculty, Valters Feists – Web site’s “LVAK.wordpress.com” editor, Ieva Kolmane – literature philosopher and translator, Artis Ostups – poet and main editor of the internet magazine “Punctum”, Vineta Poriòa – linguist specializing in socio-linguistics and language politics, Dr. Philology. Lita Silova – literary scientist and teacher and Maija Sinka - RLB LVAK coordinator.

The organizers of the inquiry invite everyone to be active and send suggestions for year’s Word, Unword and Winged Saying all year long to the e-mail: gadavards@inbox.lv



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