YEAR of ASPAZIJA AND RAINIS at the Riga Latvian Society

Literary conversation „And me and the world, and the moon become one”.

The Riga Latvian Society, it’s Literature and Music Commissions, as well as Memorial Museums’ Union in the fifth event of the cycle of Aspazija and Rainis anniversary year will find out more about the poet Aspazija and her poetry. The event will take place in the Riga Latvian Society Ligo Hall on March 30, 2015 at 18.00.  

In the event the participants will hear the memories of the citizen of Jūrmala Biruta Tampe about Aspazija and her brother’s daughter - teacher Virēna Rozenberga, Dr. Philology Jānis Zālītis’ reflection about the poem and song „Mēness starus stīgo” (The Moonlight Shines” and the actor and director Valdis Lūriņs will read his chosen Aspazija’s poetry. The event will be enriched with visual and musical insertions.

The evening will host the RLS Council member, Mg. Philology Gaida Jablovska.

All are welcome! Entrance is free!

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