Year of ASPAZIJA and RAINIS at the Riga Latvian Society

With the literary conversation “I wanted to tell you a lot, a lot to ask you…” on January 22, 2015 at 18.00 in the Riga Latvian Society Fireplace Hall will start the cycle “Year of Aspazija and Rainis at the Riga Latvian Society”. 

In the first event of Aspazija and Rainis anniversary year’s cycle organised by the Riga Latvian Society, its Literary Commission, as well as the Memorial Museums’ Union, we will speak about Rainis’ youth years, time, when he acquired knowledge in Riga and St Petersburg and about time, when he created his first poetry. 

In the book published by the publishing company „Madris” „Sirdsmīļo brālīt!” correspondence between Rainis and his oldest sister Līze Pliekšāne in the writer’s youth period has been made public. The compiler of the book and the author of comments, the specialist of Rainis and Aspazija Museum, Mag. Philology Gaida Jablovska has created the book’s manuscript in several years’ period. The original letters are kept in the Literature and Music Museum’s collection. 

In the introduction of the book the writer, researcher of Rainis’ life and creative work Roalds Dobrovenskis writes: „Līze Pliekšāne with her love and intelligence gave to Rainis and her closer people indefinite amount of everything she had – including her life.” 

The participants and guests of the evening will be welcomed by the Riga Latvian Society Chairman Guntis Gailītis. In the conversation about the newly published book will participate Gaida Jablovska, Roalds Dobrovenskis and the manager of the publishing company „Madris” Skaidrīte Naumova.

The New Riga Theatre actors Inga Tropa and Edgars Samītis will live Jānis and Līze Pliekšāns’ parts. The musical performances will offer the vocal ensemble of the Riga 6th Secondary School „Lai top” (Let it be) (artistic leader Ārijs Šķepasts) and Jāzeps Mediņš’ Riga 1st Music School’s Piano section’s student Noemi Deift (teacher Jeļena Krasnova).

The evening will lead Do. Philology Jānis Zālītis.

Information prepared Gaida Jablovska

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