Riga Latvian Society Literature Commission Cosiness Club’s readings in the first part of the year 2015

The Riga Latvian Society Literature Commission Cosiness Club has been actively working for 12th years already. In 2013 the club’s 10th anniversary was celebrated. In the first part of 2015 several readings have already taken place.

January 13 – meeting with the President of the Latvian Academy of Science Ojārs Spārītis;
February 10 – meeting with the photographer Gunārs Janaitis;
March 10 – meeting with the newspaper „Brīvā Latvija” (Free Latvia) main editor Ligita Kovtuna;
April 14  - meeting with the writer and journalist Monika Zīle;
May 12 – meeting with Dailes Theatre actors Venta Vecumniece, Gunārs Placēns, Aivars Siliņš and Juris Strenga .

50 – 60 participants regularly visit the club. The sessions lead Jānis Ķuzulis and Ēriks Hānbergs. The sessions take place once a month in the Riga Latvian Society Ligo Hall. The evening’s leaders and the speaker of the evening sit in the front of the audience, and the speaker approximately one and a half hour tells documental and curious events. The statistics shows that the club visit writers, scientists, the Riga Latvian Society workers, painters, editors, doctors, representatives of the mass media, museum workers, lawyers, representatives of the sports world, copyright workers, teachers, entrepreneurs, clerks and inter-branch managers.



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