Regularity in children language narration by the Philology Doctor Dace Markus

Regularity in children language narration by the Philology Doctor Dace

The swan has swan’s language; the duck has duck’s language. Or maybe…everyone 

has even more languages? Can you guess – which land’s children hear in ducks’ 

language «ut, ut», «ka, ka», «kva, kva», «kvak, kvak», «pk, pk» and even «ka, 


Small children are interested in «what think the dog, cat, flowers and trees, but at least 

– what speak people”, acknowledges Doctor of Philology Dace Markus, who has 

studied Latvian and other nations’ children language for many years. 

Regularity means that the language has its conformities with law, traditions and 

norms or agreements upon the correct speech and writing – similar structures usually 

also function similarly, not chaotically – however, there are also rather many 

exceptions, indentions and shortages. How children succeed with learning of laws and 

exceptions? In which moments three and four years old language users should start 

use new words and what can learn adults from these words?  

We will find out about it and will discuss on December 7, 2015 in the Riga Latvian 

Society House, when the public reading “Regularity in children language” will take 

place. This is the third time already, when RPIVA professor and the leading 

researcher Dace Markus reads her report in the RLS House. The organiser – Latvian 

Language Advancement Group (LVAK).

Place – Riga Latvian Society House, Merea Street 13. 

Time – 18:00 p.m.

Entrance free for all interesents. 

For more information – mobile phone + 371 29776281 and + 371 26447286, e-mail: 



The Latvian Language Advancement Group was founded in 2001 and it is one of the 

RLS interest groups that offers ten thematic readings a year about the language and 

spheres connected with it. Soon, during the eve of the New Year, the LVAK will turn 

to the evaluation of the Year’s Word, Unword and Saying -