Poetry evening at the Riga Latvian Society

Celebrating Rainis’ 150th anniversary and Poetry Days, the Poetry evening will take place in the Riga Latvian Society Ligo Hall on September 16, at 18.00, continuing the cycle “Year of Rainis and Aspazija at the Riga Latvian Society”.

In the event will participate poetesses Lija Brîdaka, Olga Lisovska, Velta Kaltiňa, poet Arnolds Auziňđ, writer Roalds Dobrovenskis, actors Ieva Műrniece and Haralds Ulmanis. About the Poetry Days’ history will tell Mag. Philology Madara Eversone. The evening will host the Riga Latvian Society Vice-Chairwoman Mag. Philology Gaida Jablovska.

The Poetry Days is one of the most important events in Latvian cultural life that has been gathering together for already 50 years the poets, poetry lovers and persons, who hold the same views. With the start of the tradition in Rainis 100th birthday, this year Poetry Days more than in other years have been celebrated honouring the outstanding poet’s works and celebrating his 150th anniversary. Poetry overcomes everything, also death. Poetry revives everything, also past; poetry creates everything, also future; poetry goes inside everything, also presence. All three ways of the essence live in poetry together and at the same time. Time returns in it and fulfils in poetry. /Rainis/

The event cycle “The Year of Rainis and Aspazija at the Riga Latvian Society” implements the Riga Latvian Society in cooperation with the Memorial Museums’ Union and is a part from the Rainis and Aspazija 150th anniversary year’s programme “It will stay that will change”.

More information: www.aspazijarainis.lv