Lecture and discussion “Role of personality in the history discourse – Rainis, Aspazija, Barons, Čaks, Vācietis”

During the year 2015 we deeply look into the creative works of Aspazija and Rainis. We evaluate their role in culturally historical processes. This time we will speak about the role of personality in different times and different historic situations.

To participate in the lecture are invited the RLS Chairman Guntis Gailītis, leader of K. Barons Museum Rūta Kārkliņa, leader of O. Vācietis Museum Ieva Ķīse, literary scientist Astrīda Cīrule and Gaida Jablovska.  The discussion will host the director of A. Čaks Museum Antra Medne.

Everyone, who has the opinion and wish, is welcome to participate!