Interactive discussion and workshop “Discrimination, intolerance and tolerance” will take place

On Wednesday, February 4, at 19.00 all the interesents are welcome to interactive discussion and workshop.

The discussion and workshop is organised in the framework of the international integration club “Culture-Charm”, whose themes will be connected with discrimination, intolerance and tolerance questions. The event will take place in the Voluntary House, Műkusalas Street 72/ ring button TREPES/ 3d floor.

The leader of the international integration club “Culture-Charm” Ramona Liepiňa tells about the discussion’s themes: „Discrimination and xenophobia and together with them also tolerance and culture variety exist in whole world. How are we influenced from them? How do we get on in Riga? How friendly are we? Do culture-charm connects us or culture-shock divides us? How does intolerance express itself in different cultures and how is it possible to reduce it in the intercultural education? We think that intercultural education includes interaction, exchange, and demolition of barriers, cooperation and also objective solidarity that is mutual support and coordination of actions that are based on unity of interests, aims, attitude and consensus. During the event we will discuss and work in the creative workshop that will help to break down barriers between us!”

All the interesents are welcome, as the club’s activities are opened and friendly!

Next club’s event will take place on February 11, inviting to find out more about Arabian culture.

The club “Culture-Charm” is the activity of the Riga Latvian Society project “Unity is our strength” (grant contract No. 2013.EEZ/PP/2/MIC/010/028) that is implemented by the creative association for youth “TREPES” and, where representatives of minorities, non-citizens and non-governmental organisations are invited.

More information:
Ramona Liepiňa, club’s leader
GSM: +371 28356548



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