Imants Ziedonis’ work performance "Ceďđ"

The Riga Latvian Society, Riga Latvian Society Theatre Commission and Sigulda Arts School’s “White Grand” Theatre Division invite to the event “Ceďđ” on 7 May, 2015 at 18.00 in the Riga Latvian Society White Hall. The event will consist of Imants Ziedonis’ work performance played by the new Sigulda actors and theatre scientist’s Viktors Hausmanis’ narration about Imants Ziedonis’ creative works.


Entrance free! 


The training and creative work of Sigulda Arts School’s „White grand” Theatre Division is running for already second year. In this year the youth acquire skills of stage, music theory, playing of musical instrument, makeup art, singing and has lectures in the world culture and theatre history. But in the speciality – actor skills and speech art the new actors have made Imants Ziedonis’ work performance “Ceďđ”. We hope in this way to be open in conversation with ourselves, with one another and with the audience.


Being a significant era of changes – centrifuge’s, centrifugal, Latvian – running away it particularly sharply marks, how carefully and sensitively each of us look and listen to the world, what kind of riddles and secrets we try to find out and unravel, how much and do we want and are able to take responsibility. This is the era of value revaluation. The ideals that give wings to our lives are lost again. To a very large extent the comprehension about real, true values have been lost, because all the time we refer to them timidly and nihilistically.


Imants Ziedonis reminds that the „main is the vertical idea”, as well as: “The happiness is the order of all things. You feel that all things are in order and this sense of order – in oneself, in other people, in surroundings, in space, with God, with people, with everything - this coincidence, such an unison, - it is a happiness.”


It all slowly also makes our each small, but rich and complex world, which differ from one another, gives the ability to sense the huge rhythm and find yourself in this rhythm, to meet one’s leafy fir Dominante…


In this way with us are the costume designer Anda Trautmane and stage designer Raits Tikums.


On April 11 we had the premiere of the performance on our stage in Sigulda Arts School „White Grand”, but on April 18 we participated with Imants Ziedonis’ performance “Ceďđ” in the VIII Latvian Children and Youth Theatre Festival “…and I will go and go!” in Valmiera Viesturs’ Secondary School.


On May 7, at 18.00 we will have the opportunity and the honour to visit again the Riga Latvian Society. Last year, responding the invitation of the RLS administration, we there played Shakespeare play’s fragments „Laikiem pâri”.


Leader of Theatre Division Ârija Liepiňa – Stűrniece



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