Egypt culture evening

On Wednesday, February 11, at 19.00 all the interesents are welcome to Egypt culture evening that will take place in the framework of the integration club “Culture-Charm”. The event will take place in the Voluntary House, Mūkusalas Street 72/ ring button TREPES/ 3d floor.

Egypt, officially - Arab Republic of Egypt, is a state that takes northeast part of Africa continent, as well as Sinai Peninsula in Middle East. The state’s northern part is bathed by the Mediterranean See, but in eastern part – Red Sea. Egypt – there everyone can listen to thousands of years, in ancient nature and hear oneself. Egypt – there everyone can get closer to the sky and express oneself.

Egypt, since humans have been aware of themselves in time flow, has always been and has stayed the land – source of inspiration. With the world’s destiny river Nile, with its thousands of years achievements, with its varied animal world and sudden different, contrasting natural landscapes and unique climate. Egypt is unique with the fact that it is the cradle of civilization – art, architecture and science. It is unique as it is the motherland of the first writing and there have been created the most magnificent buildings in the world – pyramids; there have been created first official religion and state.

We will taste together the red tea and fruits and will speak about Egypt and its culture, will try to write in Arabic language and will find out facts so that we do not have to believe in myths ... we will meet Abdul Elmarija and his countrymen, who live in Latvia.

We express gratitude to the Society „Arabian culture centre”!

Next club’s event will follow on February 18, when all the interesents are welcome to attend Georgian culture evening.  
The club “Culture-Charm” is the activity of the Riga Latvian Society project “Unity is our strength” (grant contract No. 2013.EEZ/PP/2/MIC/010/028) that is implemented by the creative association for youth “TREPES” and, where representatives of minorities, non-citizens and non-governmental organisations are invited.

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