Latvian Society of South Sweden

The Latvian Society of South Sweden was founded on March 7, 2009 in Malmö.     

The Latvian Society of South Sweden is the regional branch of the Association of Latvians in Sweden with rights to define its own work and the structure of the organisation.  
The aim of the Society is to unite Latvians living in South Sweden. The working centre of the Society is in Malmö.
The tasks of the Society are to promote the awareness of the identity of the local Latvian society and to strengthen communication between Sweden Latvians, to promote the learning of Latvian language and understanding of its importance, especially among children and youth, organise and support different projects and events and to cooperate with diaspora’s Latvian organisations and organisations in Latvia.

The higher administration body of the Society is the Members’ General Meeting that is organised at least once a year. The General Meeting elects the Society’s Board that consists of 7 people to one year and the Chairman of the Society. The Board manages everyday work.

The Chairwoman of the Latvian Society of South Sweden is Arta Stepiņa.

Only one Latvian organisation had maintained its work at the beginning of this century since the war years in South Sweden – Lund Latvian Lutheran Parish that still exists. In 2006 Sweden – Denmark Latvian choir was established in Malmö.  
To gather more Latvians, the independent regional branch - the Latvian Society of South Sweden was established in 2009 on the basis of the existing in that time Latvian Aid Committee. Uniting the work of Sweden, the Latvian Society of South Sweden is working as one of the Association’s of Latvians in Sweden branches.

The Latvian Society of South Sweden organises annual traditional events for families – Easter, Spring Picnic, Jāņi celebrations, Michaelmas and November 18 celebration. Common excursions, sports events and different projects take place as well.
Special attention is paid for the activities for children, to whom at least one parent is Latvian. Children School in Helsingborg and Malmö Children Group are working.
    In 2006 Sweden – Denmark Latvian Choir was established in Malmö. The choir has taken part in Latvian events in Sweden and Denmark and has performed for the wider audience. The choir has participated also in the Song Festival in Latvia.  


The Society’s General Meetings and Beard meetings, as well as the majority of the events take place in Malmö, St. Michael’s Church (Orkestergatan 5, Malm).


Sweden – Denmark Latvian Choir
Choir’s leader: Dzidra Vēveris-Åkeson

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