Word in a language and dictionary: problem of adequacy – narration by Juris Baldunčiks

On April 6 the LLAG (RLS Latvian Language Advancement Group) offers the narration of the philology Doctor, Professor of Ventspils University College Translation studies and Chairman of the Latvian Academy of Sciences Terminology Commission Juris Baldunčiks “Word in a language and dictionary: problem of adequacy “.

Juris Baldunčiks is also the author of the Dictionary of Foreign Words published in 2002 by the publishing house “Jumava”. Among the interests of the researcher and teacher is also the reproduction of foreign words in Latvian language (history, principles), as well as calques (or “literally translated words from other languages”).

With what kind of aspects the dictionary adequacy is connected? – It can be said that with everything that has any connection with the word structure, meaning (or semantics), borrowing, orthography, Anglicisms… One should carefully use also Latvian words that have appeared in own language, but with trials to make improvements sometimes are changed.  

LLAG has already frequently faced the screening of the nowadays lexicon’s good and bad phenomena – since already 2003 we have actively organised year’s word, unword saying (and sometimes also hotchpotch) inquiry. To submit can everyone - gadavards@inbox.lv! The group’s thematic evenings with a report and discussion takes place once a month in the first Monday (except July and August). 

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