The representatives of the Riga Latvian Society will visit Tbilisi

The representatives of the Riga Latvian Society will visit Tbilisi, Georgia to share experience and strengthen the cooperation with the Latvian Society in Georgia “Ave Sol!” and meet in common events in the framework of the year of Rainis and Aspazija.

On September 11 – in Rainis 150th birthday – the Riga Latvian Society and Latvian Society in Georgia “Ave Sol!”, celebrating 150 years of Rainis and Aspazija will invite all the interesents to the event – “Far-Off Moods on a Blue Evening”. The event will take place in the Latvian Embassy’s in Georgia premises. The Riga Latvian Society Vice-Chairwoman, Rainis and Aspazija Museum’s Manager of Educational Work and Work with the Visitors Gaida Jablovska will appear with the narration “Rainis and Aspazija’s life and work places in Europe”. During the event will sound the fragments of Rainis’ poem “Ave Sol!” in Latvian and Georgian languages that has inspired Georgian Latvians to choose the name of the Society. In Georgian language Rainis’ poetry will read its translator David Jakobidze. Latvian School’s in Georgia pupils will perform the children poetry reading. The kokle player Rozîte Katrîna Spîča will enrich the event with the sounds of kokle. The interesents will be able to see the Latvian Society in Georgia “Ave Sol!” Rainis’ book exhibition. We express gratitude to the Latvian Embassy in Georgia for the support in organising the event!

During the visit the Riga Latvian Society representatives will meet with the Embassy of Latvia in Georgia Councellor, Deputy Head of Mission Jânis Sîlis and Latvian Society in Georgia “Ave Sol!” administration to discuss the mutual cooperation.

During the visit are planned experience exchange meetings with the Latvian Society in Georgia “Ave Sol!” members and on September 12 and 13 the Riga Latvian Society representatives, opening the new school year, will conduct the workshops in the Latvian School of Georgia. Also the themes of the workshops will be devoted to Rainis’ and Aspazija works and the theme of the Sun.

The Riga Latvian Society has a long-term cooperation and friendship bonds with the Latvian Society in Georgia “Ave Sol!”, however, the RLS representatives will visit Georgia for the first time. The experience exchange visit to Georgia takes part in the framework of the Society Integration Fund’s European Economic Area’s NGO support project implemented by the RLS “Stand hard, Work Bravely”.



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