The project “Unity is Our Strength” finishes

On May 29, 2015 the project “Unity is Our Strength” finished at the Riga Latvian Society. The Riga Latvian Society all year long implemented the project “Unity is Our Strength” in cooperation with the “Creative Association for Youth “TREPES””.   

The aim of the project was to promote intercultural dialogue and minorities’ integration, strengthening the understanding of the importance of human rights, national identity, democratic values and citizenship, as well as promoting the growth of democratic participation and mutual tolerance, thus making the united society. To participate in the project activities were invited representatives of minorities, non-citizens and non-governmental organisations that represent the rights and interests of the named groups.  

The main activities of the project were the lessons for the non-citizens and minority representatives, public discussions and intercultural integration club “Culture-Charm”.  

During the project 25 Latvian language lessons, 10 human rights and civil education and 10 Latvia’s history lessons took place. 21 participants attended the lessons. In the framework of the lectures, the participants had an excursion to Saeima.  

The implementers of the project invited the interesents to participate in the public discussions. 6 discussions were organised: „Voluntary work – youth involvement into the dialogue”, „Culture diversity”, „Development of mutual respect in the public space”, NGO TV discussion that is seen in the internet address:*, „Informal education – help in the promotion of integration process”, „Language and our identity”, „Integration of different nationality children while acquiring traditional culture”. Discussions attended 193 participants.  

In its turn, the intercultural integration club “Culture-Charm” invited to its activities 25 times. Each activity attended approximately 30 people of different nationalities. The club has helped to integrate into the Latvian environment minority representatives, non-citizens, has revealed the brightest and also the hidden, unseen features of other cultures.  

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Psychologist’s presentation about the results of the project “Unity is Our Strength”.

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