Retrospect to the Latvian Language Advancement Group’s fourteen working years – narration by Maija Sinka

We invite everyone to listen to the narration about Latvian Language Advancement Group’s work done in fourteen years’ time, retrospect to our plans, researches and popular – linguistic work devoted to all Latvian community (publishing of books, inviting of guest lecturers to the Riga Latvian Society House, inquiry “Year’s Word, Unword and Winged Saying”).

The entrance to the event is free of charge. We are looking forward to all interesents – those, who have philological education and experience in work connected with the language and people, who respect, take care of Latvian language, supporters, interesents, who have questions …

Time — November 2, at 18:00;
Place — Riga Latvian Society House, room 301.

The group was founded in 2001 and comes together in the evening of each month’s first Monday (except July and August). More about it on the Home Page LVAK.wordpress.com/about/



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