At the beginning of the year 2012 Riga Latvian Society started to implement the project “Capacity of the Riga Latvian Society and strengthening of participation resources” approved in the second open project applications’ selection in the action programme’s “Human resources and employment” sub-activity “Strengthening of non-governmental organizations’ administrative capacity” that is financed with the support of European Social Fund. 13.01.2012

92, 07 percent of the project is financed by the European Union through European Social Fund. The sub-activity is financed by the State Chancellery through Social Integration Fund.

The implementation of the project was launched on January 1, 2012; it is intended to be implemented till September 30, 2012. During the project implementation will be assured the quality management system standards’ development and implementation, identified necessary resources for the Riga Latvian Society, explored various options of philanthropy and held open days event. The measures will strengthen the human capacity to ensure active participation of target groups in cultural policy processes.

Main project activities:

  • Development of standards for the Quality Management System;
  • Development of  united internal legislation;
  • Development of united documentation and its system;
  • Voluntary work in the RLS;
  • Interactive environment;
  • Development of appropriate visual identity respective to good governance principles;
  • Exchange experience, research of foreign practice, research of good practice examples;
  • Conference – meeting “Various options of philanthropy in the activities of the RLS”;
  • Discussion “RLS house as a culture heritage monument”;
  • RLS participation in the organizations „Europa Nostra” and „Interpret Europe”, to strengthen the administrative capacity;
  • Training of the RLS staff and members;
  • The project’s final measure “Open day event in the RLS”, including the RLS commissions’, clubs’ and collectives’ presentations and premises’ presentations for potential clients.

Project aims:

  • To strengthen the RLS capacity; ensure compliance with the highest quality standards and to promote the public services more accessible to the general public.
  • To strengthen the RLS administrative capacity; educate it, fostering participation in the EU policy instruments and foreign financial assistance for the implementation of the measures.
  • To ensure the RLS representation in Latvia's and EU cooperation networks to effectively participate in cultural policy processes, promoting the quality of the political decision.

This home page section was created with the European Union Social Fund’s financial aid. For the home page section’s content responsible is the Riga Latvian Society.