How to become a real Riga Latvian Societyís member?

The Riga Latvian Society has the real members and Honorary members. The Riga Latvian Societyís real members may be persons who have reached the age of majority, have submitted an application to become a RLS member (RLS Councilís approved questionnaire form), undertakes to fulfil the RLS statutes and actively work to implement their objectives.

Questionnaire download here
The Council affiliates the persons to become real RLS members if the applicant has the recommendations from the RLS Statutes and the Ethics Commission and 2 other real members.

When joining the RLS, the new member has to pay the affiliation fee, which is in the amount of a year memberhip fee regardless of the month of the joining. The real RLS members pay the membership fee stated by the General Meeting of the members (LVL 20.00; LVL 10.00 for seniors and students), that should be paid by the end of the year. Belonging to the RLS is attested by the membership card.

Members' responsibilities:

Members' rights:

The Council with its decision can stop RLS memberís rights for up to six months or exclud from the Society, if:

The Council makes the decision on the memberís exclusion by the majority of votes. The Councilís decision on the exclusion of the members can be appealed during General Meeting, which decision is final.

Riga Latvian Societyís members' admission procedure
(RLS Council Decision No 1, 16.04. 2003)